What is dry food?

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What is dry food?

Now, many of you may be interested in the topic of mold and dry food. Please allow me to expand on the term "dry food".

Dry food is food that has gone through a drying or dehydration process to reduce the water content in the food. Allows us to keep it for a long time. Dried foods that we are familiar with such as flour, rice, sugar, dried vegetables, dried fruits, grains, dried shrimp, etc.

Food that is dry has less than 15% moisture content. It will assist in preventing and managing the microbes that lead to food spoilage. Food Network Solutions, Inc. The humidity of Crispy GO organic crispy spinach is kept below 2% in order to maintain product quality. To ensure customer safety
What would happen if dry food had more moisture than usual?

Moisture has an impact on food deterioration. in particular, microbial degradation that reduces shelf life. Foods that contain a lot of moisture or humidity can easily go bad. because the right conditions exist for the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold—microorganisms that deteriorate food.

As a result, housekeepers and housewives need to make wise choices when it comes to canned, dry, and ready-made food. Toxins that enter the body will be reduced as a result. This contributes to the development of cancer and numerous other illnesses.

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