Come back again with The Pitching Season 3, a business competition program that comes with fun that is packed as usual.
This season, coaches from each team come out with style and eloquence to compete with each other,
using the Golden Ticket trick to come out to compete for the team. There were tears in this event since the audition round.
Which coaching team will the entrepreneur choose to be with? Let's see!!
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Grand Organic Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 at Takhli Sub-district, Mueang District, Nakhon Sawan Province on an area of 23 rai, with funding for research on growing organic plants in light screening greenhouses from the National Innovation Agency. (Public Organization) NIA Later in 2011, Grand Organic Farm was certified organic (IFOAM) by the Organic Agricultural Standards Agency (ACT) for growing a variety of seasonal vegetables such as spinach, morning glory, and broccoli. Cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, etc., and melons have always been in the organic system according to IFOAM standards and are distributed as fresh vegetables. Both wholesale in front of the farm and sell directly to consumers.



Fresh fruits and vegetables

according to IFOAM standards



The product has FDA. Roasted Organic Spinach certified halal



Our standard quality, clean,
safe always fresh



Good food will help build strength.
for both you and your beloved family


Grand Organic Farm is established in 2011 in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand and is funded by the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization).

Our products passed the organic standard which are certified by ACT Organic Standards accredited to the IFOAM Accreditation Program. We produce many varieties of organic fruits and vegetables using greenhouse screening light technology to cultivate them. Amaranth has high nutritional value and is one of the popular choices among organic product consumers. Amaranth has health benefits such as Vitamin A, C, K, Calcium, Potassium. It has anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic and antioxidants properties. We are currently able to produce vast amount of fresh organic amaranth and its processed product in a form of healthy snack under the brand called “Crispy GO” as listed below.



Techniques for changing the way you eat vegetables to make them so delicious that you can't stop them.

Growing organic spinach

Who should eat vegetables?

  Photos of the atmosphere of the special event  


    Distribution location   

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