7 ideas for parents when the world changes

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7 ideas for parents when the world changes

7 ideas for parents when the world changes The concept of raising children must change accordingly.

When the world hasn't stopped turning Life continues to change through the ages. make parenting a new era Parents should have positive parenting ideas. to develop various life skills to be consistent with the era Therefore, modern parenting practices are extremely important for modern parents.

1. Learning
2. playing with toys
3. Diet and Nutrition
4. The concept of language use
5. Socialize
6. Being a Good Role Model
7. Discipline in saving

1. Concept of learning children's education The new age is not just in textbooks, textbooks, skill-building books. Or just sitting and listening to the teacher speak in front of the class Parents should teach their children how to research information online. To seek a variety of knowledge sources, but should explain to children about the hidden dangers of the online world as well

2. Concept of play Toys are one of the important learning supports for children. Parents should choose toys that can build family relationships. And it is also a play activity that promotes children's learning, such as connecting wooden blocks, folding paper, reading stories, role-playing, etc.

3. Concept of nutrition Diet and nutrition are the main factors that It helps your child's body and brain grow. Have a height weight that increases according to the criteria Especially mother's milk and the value of nutrients from the 5 groups. The main principle in choosing nutrition for the child should be mainly about the benefits in the right proportion.

4. The concept of language use language promotion let the child know more than one language It is essential because language is a form of communication that requires constant learning skills. Parents can help encourage and support their child's use of language skills through conversations and interactions with their children in everyday life.

5. The concept of socialization principles of socialization There are researches both in the country and abroad, saying Children who have friends before or since kindergarten will be able to adapt better than other children when starting school Having friends can help your child learn useful social skills, such as working in groups. approaching others exchange of opinions joint problem management Therefore, parents should create a social concept for their children to become accustomed to interacting with others, such as introducing their children to other people. know how to greet raising hand hello

6. Concept of being a good role model Being a good role model can create a lot of ideas for your children. Because a good example of parents will be a picture of recognizing their child's behavioral expression by acting as a good role model for their children to absorb and accept as a role model in all aspects of behavior, actions, attitudes, thoughts, personalities, and character traits. therefore, parents should create a good role model from various activities. In daily life for children, such as creating discipline for children to know responsibility for their own duties. Know how to store things or toys to be in order

7. Principles of management concepts and discipline of saving money saving considered important That parents can create this concept for their children to see the value and have discipline in spending appropriately. Parents can bring daily life activities can be applied to children Saving is not just saving money, but saving also means spending with moderation. use money rationally and saving so that they have a foundation to build on life development in other areas

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