organic vegetables and fruits
organic fresh vegetables The yield of vegetables without chemical pesticides and pesticide residues. It is a vegetable that is raised and grown on purely natural food. Plant in chemical-free soil. Use natural compost or manure. And the seeds used are not genetically modified, so it can be called creating 100% natural food. Benefits of organic vegetables Consuming the right amount of organic vegetables on a regular basis helps to improve the health of the body. strengthen the body Help reduce the risk of cancer. Because organic vegetables have more antioxidants than general vegetables. The taste of organic vegetables It's better than commonly grown vegetables.

Mulberry Juice
Processed products, booth only, mulberry juice (Depending on the productivity of that time) from mulberry or mulberry grown by organic farming methods (Organic Farming) at the Grand Organic Farm The farm has processed it by making mulberry berry juice. If asked the name of Mulberry, many people may not be familiar with it. but actually this fruit Born very close to us, because in fact, the Mulberry is a product that occurs from the mulberry tree used to feed the silkworm itself. Considered as a new alternative fruit for those who care about health ever. How to eat: can be eaten both fresh and processed into drinks and jams. Because the unripe fruit is red and has a sour taste, but when it is ripe, it turns purple towards the black, having a sweet and refreshing taste. Low energy, only 43 kcal per 100 grams, plus many benefits as well

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